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How to check NetBIOS status of a LAN and VPN
article #956, updated 266 days ago

To learn what is going on NetBIOS-wise on your LAN, in Windows, do this:


This will get you something like the below. If you have WINS active — which is essential for NetBIOS and group policy over a VPN if you don’t do IPv6 — you will see the names resolved by name server as below. If not, if names are resolved by broadcast, you don’t have WINS, and NetBIOS will not work across VPN.

    NetBIOS Names Resolution and Registration Statistics

    Resolved By Broadcast     = 0
    Resolved By Name Server   = 1187

    Registered By Broadcast   = 0
    Registered By Name Server = 6

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Scan Your Network for IP Devices
article #793, updated 693 days ago

Excellent tool:

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Windows 7 sharing and peer-to-peer networking
article #490, updated 1534 days ago

Here are a large number of changes to try if Windows 7 sharing doesn’t work:

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Test bandwidth between servers
article #456, updated 1666 days ago

Here is a tool for this purpose:

Windows binary:

and some documentation:

It’s also included in Cygwin. The Cygwin version has better error reporting.

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Oracle ports list
article #428, updated 1758 days ago

The entire list appears to be here:

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