Great HTML5 Internet Speed Test
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NSSM - Create Services from Executables in Windows
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Best I’ve found so far:

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Install All Microsoft Redistributable VC++ Runtimes
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Below-linked is a tool which will automatically install all of the redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ runtime DLLs, all versions, 2005 to present:

This is a great way to handle many missing DLLs. Below is another tool, a PowerShell script, newer-fangled engineering with additional capabilities, definitely better for enterprise use, and quite a lot faster:

Once you have all of the files for the latter, the best command to do the fully automatic install is probably this:

.\Install-VisualCRedistributables.ps1 -xml VisualCRedistributablesSupported.xml -install

It may be helpful to do this first:

Unblock-File .\Install-VisualCRedistributables.ps1

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Diagnose and Fix SSL/TLS for a Web Site or Web Server
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This one courtesy of the amazing Mike Hunsinger.

  1. Run the web site SSL test here, specifying the URL to study:

  1. A rating of A through F, or T, will be reported. T means a fundamental problem with the certificate install itself.

An A rating means the server is set to only accept protocols such as TLS1.2, that are currently recognized as secure. Anything below an A rating means the server responded on SSL or other protocols considered insecure.

Scroll down on the SSL Labs rating page to see the technical details on what protocols were detected and which are failing security checks.

If this is a Windows web server, remote in and:

  1. Download the portable app, IISCrypto from here:

Run this program on the server which hosts the website.

You’ll get a window showing all protocols that are on this server and whether they’re enabled or not. To achieve an A rating, use the details view from SSL Labs as a guide. Disable any protocols in IIS Crypto that SSL Labs flags as a security risk. Only do these after verifying that the web site / web application will certainly work with the newest protocols and does not depend on the older ones.

The protocols that a Windows webserver will accept are specified via Regedit entries. IIS Crypto reads and modifies these Regedit entries automatically.

  1. Reboot the webserver. Then retest with SSL Labs. Make further changes as dictated by the scoring detail.
  1. If you have control over workstations, use Group Policy to deploy the certificate to all of them, and to disable insecure protocols, and to enable the secured protocols.

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"Error while preparing to send sharing message" in Outlook
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If you see this while trying to share a calendar to another Exchange or Exchange Online user, thus far this has been seen to be caused by (a) duplicate Permissions user entries in the calendar, and (b) user entries in the calendar belonging to deleted, disabled, or otherwise invalid user accounts. Remove the duplicates or invalids, and it goes away!

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Convert MIDI to MP3
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Excellent site, even lets you select tracks out of the MIDI file you send up:

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Create "All Users" Distribution List in Office 365
article #1061, updated 48 days ago

Methods for both O365 web console and PowerShell, right here:


  • Checking the contents works perfectly in PowerShell, not always in Outlook.
  • Users who default to the offline address book in Outlook, may have to download the Global Address List or wait a day. Downloading is accomplished within Send/Receive; in 2016 open the dropdown “Send/Receive Groups” and choose “Download Address Book”. There are Office 365 configurations in which this dropdown item does not exist.

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Advanced Microsoft Office Repair Tool
article #1060, updated 48 days ago

It’s called the “Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool”, or OffCAT. Courtesy of the excellent Kaleb Carrol.

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Open Broadcaster Software
article #1059, updated 50 days ago

“Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.”

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Manually remove Office 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
article #234, updated 51 days ago

Microsoft-provided removal tools for Office. A new page for 2007 through 2016:

Fix-Its now exist for Office 2010, 2007, and 2003:

A utility for manual removal of Office versions at and before XP, is reportedly in the 2003 Office Resource Kit, confirmed available at the link below as of right now, although the installer appears to crash:

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