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Control EOL/O365 "Clutter" folders with PowerShell
article #961, updated 369 days ago

Lots of options available for control in PowerShell, both per-user and across the enterprise:

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Identifying Exchange versions
article #957, updated 386 days ago

One uses help/about to get a Build Number, and then one looks up the build number on this page:

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Android won't send to on-prem Exchange
article #954, updated 412 days ago

If Android won’t send to on-prem Exchange, try setting the LAN-local domain as the default domain in Organization Configuration, Hub Transport, Accepted Domains.

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Office 365 Client and Network Support Tools
article #952, updated 412 days ago

We now have the Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant for client software support, and also the Microsoft Office 365 Client Performance Analyzer Office 365 Client Performance Analyzer for network performance issues.

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Restrict access to Exchange/EOL to select list of devices
article #950, updated 421 days ago

Here is a way:

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Use -DeleteContent with Search-Mailbox in Exchange 2013
article #936, updated 428 days ago

Search-Mailbox is a great method in Exchange 2013/365 to do searches, moves, cleanups, etc., but in Exchange 2013 one does have to have special privileges to use -DeleteContent, and they are not built-in. Info is here:

Once you set up the permissions, you can delete all of the recoverable email (the emails deleted from Deleted Items still being held):

Search-Mailbox -Identity username -SearchDumpsterOnly -DeleteContent

To set up the permissions, do the below:

New-RoleGroup -Name "Exchange Mailbox Import Export" -Roles "Mailbox Import Export" -Members "<domain\groupname>" -DisplayName "Exchange Mailbox Import Export" -Description "This group will provide access to mailbox import and export cmdlets within entire Exchange Organization."

New-RoleGroup -Name "Exchange Support Diagnostics" -Roles "Support Diagnostics" -Members "<domain\groupname>" -DisplayName "Exchange Support Diagnostics" -Description "This group will provide access to support diagnostics cmdlets within entire Exchange Organization."

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Secondary email addresses with LAN-synched EOL
article #941, updated 439 days ago

If one has one’s LAN Active Directory synchronized with EOL/Azure, one cannot add secondary email addresses in the EOL console. In this situation:

  1. Open ADSIedit from the domain controller
  2. Open up the OU containing the user
  3. Open the Properties of the user
  4. Open the Properties for the item “proxyAddresses”.
  5. The primary (the “reply”) email address for the user needs to be specified thus, with caps in the prefix:
  6. Secondary email addresses for the user need to be specified thus, with lowercase prefix:
  7. Then run the sync or wait for the automatic run, and it’s done!

Also, as a bonus, after the above is done once, user objects in Active Directory Users and Computers get a new tab, “Attributes”, from which the above can be done for other users.

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Exchange Mailbox Size Report
article #937, updated 462 days ago

Here’s a great way to get one:

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Give all users full delegation to a single Exchange account in PowerShell
article #933, updated 466 days ago

When a business needs a truly public calendar simply editable by all, it is not clear what best to do in Exchange or especially Exchange Online. Shared mailboxes and room calendars look like they should do it but don’t. One way is to create an ordinary user mailbox and then give all users full delegation rights in Powershell:

Get-Mailbox | foreach-object { Add-MailboxPermission -Identity "Public Calendar" -User $_.SamAcc
ountName -AccessRights FullAccess }

The only catch is that this does require a license.

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Exchange address book, calendar, and email for Thunderbird - Bridge Exchange to IMAP
article #398, updated 525 days ago

Try DavMail:

It runs in the background on server, desktop, or laptop (Windows, Linux, or Mac), and it translates native Exchange protocols into that which Thunderbird and appropriate add-ins handle very well. In other words, it acts as a live bridge between Exchange protocols and Thunderbird with Lightning, for contacts and calendar. The instructions are thorough and functional.

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