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Reset root password on Linux with GRUB boot loader
article #834, updated 737 days ago

If you need to reset the root password on a Linux box running the GRUB boot loader:

  1. During boot, hit Tab, and GRUB should permit you to see the boot option lines.
  2. Edit one of them. Replace ro quiet splash with rw init=/bin/bash.
  3. Boot without saving the line permanently. The system will send you directly into single-user mode as root, from where you can run ‘passwd’ to change it.

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Third-party package install for Linux
article #810, updated 819 days ago

This one compiles vanilla source as it installs, handles conflicts very carefully, retrieves very recent versions of many useful things including ‘curl’.

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rc.local in Arch Linux (systemd)
article #680, updated 1198 days ago

/etc/rc.local no longer automatically exists in many Linuxes. This was a script run at boot before any user logins, after setup. If your Linux distro uses ‘systemd’, a relatively new boot system, this may be your situation; but the functionality is still useful in many special circumstances. If it’s yours, create a file named /etc/systemd/system/rc-local.service containing the below, and a new bash script called /etc/rc.local will run just as desired! Do be sure to set your new /etc/rc.local as executable, or you will regret it :-)


Description=/etc/rc.local Compatibility



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ACL GUI for Linux
article #663, updated 1238 days ago

There is a great GUI for ACL (access control lists, fine-grained permissions) for Linux:

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Problems with pacman key signing in Arch Linux
article #508, updated 1619 days ago

Try the initialization/setup steps here:

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VSS for Linux
article #363, updated 2079 days ago

Here is a product, free for commercial and non-profit use, which does the job of VSS under Linux:

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Add needed things to Fedora, CentOS, RedHat Enterprise
article #284, updated 2189 days ago

Lots of good instruction-sets here:

If you do most of EasyLife first, the “dependencies” are handled for you.

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Cannot mount drive in Linux
article #318, updated 2189 days ago

If you cannot mount a drive in Linux, it is very possibly because of a stale or partially-configured RAID set. If the drive in question is /dev/sde, use mdadm -x from root to delete /dev/sde from any RAID set currently extant (in Fedora, it’s Disk Utility, under Applications, System Tools).

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