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Write an ISO to USB stick using 'dd' in Linux
article #942, updated 488 days ago

A great command in Linux is:

dd bs=4M if=file.iso of=/dev/sd<letter> status=progress && sync

where <letter> is the letter for your flash drive. Do be careful finding it, because your hard drive(s) and CD/DVD drive(s) are also among these; you can get the list with ls /dev/sd*, and also all mounted drives can be listed with mount.

Also, it does have to be run as root, so sudo as a prefix may be very helpful.

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SSH login without password
article #356, updated 515 days ago

Here’s a bash script! Works very nicely. Once run on one side and specifying a destination, one does not need a password to open that SSH link in the future.

echo "setup-autossh by Jonathan E. Brickman,"
if [ $# = 0 ]; then
	read -p "Please enter the SSH destination in the format user@host : " sshdest
elif [ $# = 1 ]; then
	echo "Usage: setup-autossh [user@destination]"
	exit 1
if [ ! -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa ]; then
	echo "Creating RSA key for authorization..."
	ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa
echo "Copying authorized RSA key to $sshdest ..."
remotecmd="cat > authorized_keys ; mkdir -p .ssh ; cat authorized_keys >> .ssh/authorized_keys ; rm authorized_keys"
cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh $sshdest $remotecmd

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Windows Updates offline
article #34, updated 553 days ago

There are now multiple alternatives to the bundled Windows update system. First of all, the original, AutoPatcher, appears to be in the midst of a well-deserved renaissance:

And we also have WSUSOffline:

And there are quite a few more too, not tested by this writer as of yet!

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File and folder synchronization, local, SSH, and mobile
article #919, updated 562 days ago

FreeFileSync is a great piece of work, it synchronizes files and folders between local drives, over SSH, and to mobile devices via MTP over USB.

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Advanced IP Scanner works very well
article #911, updated 574 days ago

For detecting devices on your LAN:

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Create bootable CDs/DVDs for Win7, Win8, Win10
article #889, updated 629 days ago

For Windows 10:

For Windows 8:

For Windows 7:

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Share keyboard and mouse between multiple PCs, across Windows Mac and Linux
article #882, updated 641 days ago

Courtesy of the amazing Jared Dexter:

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Prevent Windows from delivering your info
article #878, updated 647 days ago

A new tool from a worthwhile source:

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General Defrag for Windows
article #480, updated 674 days ago

Having tried several, so far this is the best FOC for workstations:

It also includes a good command-line utility, CDEFRAG.EXE, suitable for use in CMD and remotely/silently.

For servers, not FOC:

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article #857, updated 684 days ago

There are a number of great tools which will show you what your SVCHOST.EXE processes are really doing. Here is one of them:

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