Remote Web Workplace freezes and failures

article #851, updated 704 days ago

RWW often freezes and fails. Happily, the amazing Jared Dexter found a fix: when memory usage reaches a certain high degree, IIS refuses to cooperate, and we can change this. In an administrative CMD:

  1. CD to %ProgramFiles%\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\WebApp\RemoteAccess
  2. Open the file web.config, using Notepad
  3. In web.config, search for item <serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true" />
  4. Change the item to <serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true" minFreeMemoryPercentageToActivateService="0" />
  5. Save and close
  6. Run IISRESET.

The above is summarized from:

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