Antivirus Non-LiveCD Tools for the Bench

article #401, updated 2246 days ago

There are many excellent non-liveCD tools. Among the best are those from, which is quite a large community devoted to helping handle malware situations. Bearing strongly in mind, that they recommend against using these unless their people are directly involved, here is ComboFix.

ComboFix removes a large proportion of malware, but even if it cannot remove everything, it is good to use it (if possible) before anything else, because it fixes damage done by malware, which other tools generally do not.

From the same folks, we also have UnHide:

UnHide is very useful for certain attacks in which most or all relevant files are turned to ‘hidden’. UnHide reverses this, and does a good job.

A good emergency tool, also from BleepingComputer, is RKill:

RKill is especially neat, it will kill ‘rogue antivirus products’ and similar nasties, so that you can rip them out before they start up again! And if you can’t run a .EXE, rename it to .SCR, it will probably run just as well, as if it were a screen saver :-) Many different filenames are available at the above link, just in case.

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