Uploading PSTs to Office 365 via AzCopy

article #1373, updated 21 days ago

Mysteries abound about AzCopy, not the least being the fact that there is a version 10 and a version 8.1. Items as of this writing:

  • Version 8.1 is downloadable from Office 365, and works. Have no clue what 10 is for.
  • Usage and download of it, is now through Office 365 Security & Compliance, Information Governance, Import.
  • When you run it for an upload, add “/NC:2” to the end of the command line. This increases its speed and stability quite a lot, and prevents timeouts.
  • If it times out, just restart it, it will continue where it left off.

If the above works for you, use the same number when downloading PSTs from eDiscovery, via registry edit:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00