About This Site

Greetings.  I am Jonathan E. Brickman, of Topeka, Kansas, USA.  These notes began as a working reference of myself and excellent people I work with. I hope some of them will be helpful for you. But no guarantees at all!!! :-)

All original content is released under the 3-Clause BSD License.

For anyone curious, my own purpose is the Kingdom of God.  It is not a church, not a denomination, and especially not a destructive bondage of the mind. It is very good indeed. Talk to Him, and if you desire responses, you will find that He gives them. Nothing and no one is more worthwhile. A good friend began a site now called Oneness in Christ, and upon retiring, passed it to me; there is some useful information there.

If you are in or near Topeka, Kansas, USA, and want to visit a place where one may learn of God and participate in His purposes, try here, Highland Heights Christian Church, 29th & Tecumseh Rd, just east of town.

I have a few more web sites up, if you are curious. I am reachable by email, and newly Mastodon at JEBofChristTheLord@deacon.social.

And have a great day!