Download QuickBooks Installers
article #806, updated 3 days ago

Right here:

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DISM Fixes Windows 8.1 and 10
article #980, updated 4 days ago

Do this:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

This handles a lot of SFC errors and others too.

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DISM Cleans Up Server 2008R2 and Windows 7
article #1158, updated 4 days ago

DISM is great for system image repair in 2012/8.0 and later. But from 2008R2/7 there are lots of things DISM can do to clean up a system. Here’s one:

dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup

This does much cleaning up of redundant items in WinSxS. There is also:

dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase

but /ResetBase eliminates removal of all patches and updates etcetera, so not necessarily best to use. And we have:

dism /online /Cleanup-Image /SPSuperseded

/SPSuperseded eliminates removal of service packs only.

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Interesting defrag: DiskTuna
article #1258, updated 4 days ago

Small and sweet.

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Recreate SBS monitoring database by PowerShell
article #866, updated 8 days ago

Really good article here:

Solves the problem of the database reaching max capacity, and also speeds things up in general.

Short version:

In SBS 2008, run the contents of this zip file in an administrative PowerShell window.

In SBS 2011, start this shell as administrator:

C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\MoveDataPowerShellHost.exe

and then while in the shell, run the contents of this zip file.

If it says “1 row affected”, it’s done, and the messages will point out old MDF and LDF files to remove.

You may notice that the script linked here is just a tad different than the one on the itquibbles page; this one just adds the -force items mentioned as an option on that page.

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Let's Encrypt Certificates for IIS
article #1257, updated 8 days ago

Just grab the latest code here:

unpack it into a folder you will keep (I used “E:\Let’s Encrypt”), and run letsencrypt.exe in the folder. The multi-site (SAN) mode works only if IIS is set up in certain ways; but the manual mode for a single site is simple and easy, and it sets up a scheduled task in Windows for the needed automatic updates.

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Remove Office activation from Windows, Office license reset
article #1241, updated 16 days ago

From the indefatigable Mike Crayton:

This can help a lot when Office will not activate.

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Control Microsoft SQL memory usage
article #1256, updated 19 days ago

Great info here:

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Use DMARC to harden SPF and DKIM
article #1255, updated 19 days ago

The following TXT record:


at least theoretically, should harden SPF and, if present, DKIM. “=s” means “strict”. According to DMARC documentation, DMARC can be used without DKIM, and experiences with a first setup of the above without DKIM are playing out well so far.

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Set an HTML element to select completely on one click
article #1254, updated 19 days ago

Add this to the style of an element (P, H3, DIV, etc.):

-webkit-touch-callout: all; /* iOS Safari */
-webkit-user-select: all; /* Safari */
-khtml-user-select: all; /* Konqueror HTML */
-moz-user-select: all; /* Firefox */
-ms-user-select: all; /* Internet Explorer/Edge */
user-select: all; /* Chrome and Opera */

and if you click once on any part of the element, the whole thing is selected/highlighted, ready to be copied to clipboard. No JavaScript!

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