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New version of Azure AD Sync
article #1249, updated 33 days ago

New version, as of 2018-10-29:

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Measure latency to Azure sites, live
article #1238, updated 86 days ago

Rather interesting diagnostic.

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Office 365 / Exchange Online Mailbox Migration Stall
article #1232, updated 99 days ago

When you do an Office 365 / EOL migration with Azure AD Sync in place, mailboxes may freeze up, where in the O365 console under “Mail Settings” for one or more mailboxes, it says “This user’s on-premises mailbox has not been migrated to Exchange Online. The Exchange Online mailbox will be available once migration is completed.” One may spend a whole lot of time, even with Microsoft on the line, not fixing this problem.

There may be more than one cause. But a very important cause and fix is outlined here:

The gist of it is, one of the user attributes synched up from the on-prem server is “msExchMailboxGuid”, and this is trouble, because if this is synched up, EOL thinks it is trying to make a duplicate of an existing mailbox, rather than a new one, and it will not make a duplicate, it is in fact waiting for this attribute to be deleted before proceeding.

So what we do, is we go to Synchronization Service, right-click on “Active Directory Domain Services”, make sure “Connector Designer” is selected, and then scroll down to msExchMailboxGuid , and uncheck it. Then click OK.

The next step is to kick off a sync. The easiest way is in Powershell on the server which has AD Sync installed:

Import-Module ADSync
Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Initial

You can watch the progress in “Synchronization Service” if you like; after the two final exports are complete it is done. But we’re not done yet.

The next step, is to remove the licenses from all of the O365 accounts which are marked as not yet migrated.

Then run another sync.

Then add the licenses back.

And run another sync.

That did it this morning!

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Run Azure AD Sync by Powershell
article #1231, updated 99 days ago

These two will do it in the current version as of this writing:

Import-Module ADSync
Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Initial 

The above is a full sync, necessary in a minority of circumstances. A delta sync is as follows:

Import-Module ADSync
Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta

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Azure Active Directory Sync Stops Working
article #1080, updated 464 days ago

If this stops working, often it’s due to Microsoft updates of various sorts, cloud or LAN server or both. The first thing to try usually fixes it, unless your AD sync tool is very out of date; if it is very out of date, update first!

  1. Run Azure AD Connect
  2. Choose Customize Synchronization Options, click Next
  3. Sign in with Azure administrative creds
  4. Run through the wizard, choose your settings carefully carefully.


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ADSync errors, event IDs 6127, 6126
article #974, updated 876 days ago

Here’s a great set of steps for these:

The short of it is:

  1. Bring up the Syncronization Service Manager (“Synchronization Service” in Windows search),
  2. Click on Connectors,
  3. Click on “Active Directory Domain Services”,
  4. Click Run in the right pane, choose Full Synchronization, click OK, and wait for completion to be reported (it’s fairly obvious),
  5. Click Run in the right pane, choose Full Import, click OK, and wait for completion to be reported,
  6. Click Windows Azure Active Directory,
  7. and do the same two Runs as for the other line item.

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