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Fix Package Signing Key Issue in Arch Linux
article #517, updated 1737 days ago

If you get that error in Arch Linux, pacman, saying that a package key is not verifiable, do this:

pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring

If it asks you to update pacman first, say no, then let it fail. Then, as root, saying Yes to every prompt:

cd /var/cache/pacman/pkg
pacman -U archlinux-keyring*
pacman-key --refresh-keys
pacman-key --populate archlinux

If you get a keyserver timeout, edit /etc/pacman.d/gnupg/gpg.conf and change the keyserver line to:

keyserver hkp://

Then update pacman:

pacman -Sy pacman

and resume what you were doing!



Headless Running X in Arch Linux
article #678, updated 1793 days ago

Take the contents below, put it in a new file named:


and start X again. If it works fine, it will work monitorless. On some video cards “vesa” does not work as the driver, on these you’ll need to replace it with the appropriate one, the list can be had by running X -configure from virtual terminal without X running. Recently saw this on a nice new ATI video card, solved it using “ati” instead of “vesa”.

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier             "Monitor0"

Section "Device"
    Identifier             "Device0"
    Driver                 "vesa" #Choose the driver used for this monitor

Section "Screen"
    Identifier             "Screen0"  #Collapse Monitor and Device section to Screen section
    Device                 "Device0"
    Monitor                "Monitor0"
    DefaultDepth           24 #Choose the depth (16||24)
    SubSection             "Display"
        Depth              24
        Modes              "1024x768_75.00" #Choose the resolution



rc.local in Arch Linux (systemd)
article #680, updated 1801 days ago

/etc/rc.local no longer automatically exists in many Linuxes. This was a script run at boot before any user logins, after setup. If your Linux distro uses ‘systemd’, a relatively new boot system, this may be your situation; but the functionality is still useful in many special circumstances. If it’s yours, create a file named /etc/systemd/system/rc-local.service containing the below, and a new bash script called /etc/rc.local will run just as desired! Do be sure to set your new /etc/rc.local as executable, or you will regret it :-)


Description=/etc/rc.local Compatibility