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Virtual memory (page file) settings for Windows
article #523, updated 2059 days ago

This is given by the indomitable Liz Landry, as the Microsoft recommendation for workstations of all kinds.

Initial size: RAM x 1.5
Maximum size: RAM x 3

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Advanced Memory Management, XP/2003/Vista/7, & virtuals
article #295, updated 2738 days ago

Start reading here:

and try /3GB and/or /PAE (search for it in the above) if you’re on XP or 2003. If you’re on Vista or 7, go here:

and try PAE and very possibly IncreaseUserVA.

I have found very good performance of 32-bit Windows as virtual guest, in a VirtualBox environment hosted on 32-bit Fedora 14 Linux, using the PAE kernel on Linux and /PAE (or BCDEdit /SET PAE) in the virtual. If you use PAE in the kernel, do make sure to use PAE in the virtual, or there will be an extra and expensive memory processing step required at all times. This is to be done even if the virtual is configured with smallish RAM, e.g., 1G.

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Cacheman XP 2.0
article #290, updated 2749 days ago

Here is a place to download CachemanXP 2.0:

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Controlling Memory Usage in Exchange 2003
article #154, updated 3123 days ago

The following article has lots of valuable info:

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Control memory usage of various bits in SBS
article #151, updated 3126 days ago

A very good article is here:

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Free memory optimizer
article #142, updated 3147 days ago

Cleanmem is extremely simple in design, but shockingly good in result.

It’s helping a whole lot on this 2G-RAM Windows 7 box, and reportedly does very well with low-RAM situations too.  Windows 2000 and newer.

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