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Web Browsers and Java
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As of this writing (2017-05-16), the situation is in flux. Items:

  • The historical closed-source uberstandard for both Java virtual machine and plugin, this being Oracle (originally Sun), is supporting plugins for its current version, 8, but has announced a ceasing of plugin support for 9.
  • The open-source plugin standard, IcedTea, shows no signs of weakening, and works very well indeed with both Oracle’s Java and the open-source OpenJVM and others as well. However, no Windows porting is known to this author.
  • Firefox and Chrome do not support Java in their current versions. There is an Extended Support Release version of Firefox which does, for a little while longer.
  • Pale Moon, a very distinctive Mozilla/Firefox variant, is reported to support Java.
  • Opera is reported to support the Oracle/Sun JVM only.
  • Midori is reported to support both Oracle’s and IcedTea.

The author is working on practical tests of the last three.

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Chrome and Java: a countdown to nonoperativity?
article #802, updated 1036 days ago

The latest stable version of Chrome does not support Java by default. Oracle has a tweak, but it did not work:

I have read in other resources of a combination of tweaks, the above plus one or two more, which may work. Regardless, this does not bode well for Java under Chrome in the short and mid-term. Oracle will either create a Chrome-standard add-on quickly, or Chrome will run Java only with overrides left in for “advanced” users, and will become entirely non-Java-compatible in September:

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Update Java by VBscript
article #664, updated 1447 days ago

Here are some very interesting contributions from Microsoft:

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Sun Java in Linux
article #280, updated 2495 days ago

Use the RPM Sun gives, for 1.6.0/24. But you’ll need instead of the old ones (there are two old ones), and the ‘alternatives’ system works. More here soon.

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