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Use Android Smartphone as High Quality Webcam
article #1049, updated 284 days ago

It’s called DroidCam, and it really works, Windows and Linux.

Under Linux you’ll need kernel module compilation capability, headers only for source. If you use the Adobe Flash Player for camera, or any other V4L version 1 application, you’ll want to start it like the below for the Pale Moon web browser:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ palemoon

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Fix Firefox Printing on Linux
article #1021, updated 292 days ago

First try installing this package:


If that doesn’t help and you have a 64-bit OS, create this file:


containing this line for 64-bit OS:

export GTK_PATH=/usr/lib32/gtk-2.0/

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Install Fonts Manually in Linux
article #1048, updated 292 days ago

There is a per-user font installation procedure, but we’ll do this system-wide just in case. This procedure presumes that you are using a modern fully-fledged Linux desktop which includes a font server.

  1. First we create a folder for manual font installs, and give it the right permissions.
    sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/manual-installs
    sudo chmod 0555 /usr/share/fonts/manual-installs
  2. Copy all of your .ttf, .otf, etc., files, into the folder, and give them all the right permissions. We’ll say that you downloaded a file named to Downloads in your home directory, and unpacked it.
    sudo cp ~/Downloads/Fonts/* /usr/share/fonts/manual-installs
    sudo chmod 0444 /usr/share/fonts/manual-installs/*
  3. Update the font cache.
    sudo fc-cache

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