Install Fonts Manually in Linux

article #1048, updated 1861 days ago

There is a per-user font installation procedure, but we’ll do this system-wide just in case. This procedure presumes that you are using a modern fully-fledged Linux desktop which includes a font server.

  1. First we create a folder for manual font installs, and give it the right permissions.
    sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/manual-installs
    sudo chmod 0555 /usr/share/fonts/manual-installs
  2. Copy all of your .ttf, .otf, etc., files, into the folder, and give them all the right permissions. We’ll say that you downloaded a file named to Downloads in your home directory, and unpacked it.
    sudo cp ~/Downloads/Fonts/* /usr/share/fonts/manual-installs
    sudo chmod 0444 /usr/share/fonts/manual-installs/*
  3. Update the font cache.
    sudo fc-cache