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Cannot log in as new user to Windows 7
article #1009, updated 441 days ago

Sometimes it will happen that the Default profile is corrupt. This will make it impossible to log in on a PC as a new user, the system will be unable to create a new user profile. Here is a solution:

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Migrate User Profiles in Windows
article #901, updated 794 days ago

Not tested yet, but looks very intriguing:

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Delete user profiles entirely from command line
article #120, updated 1015 days ago

Currently a third-party app does it well:

DELPROF was part of the Server 2003 Resource Kit, also here:

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Unlock user's AD account using CMD
article #743, updated 1210 days ago



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Resolving a Temporary Profile Problem
article #376, updated 1536 days ago

Here is a detailed fix:

The gist of it is, one browses in ‘regedit’ to here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

and one will find that the GUID key for the profile, is suffixed ‘.bak’, and replaced. One needs to remove the replacement, rename the .bak removing the suffix, and restore the ‘state’ entry from ‘8100’ hex (which means temporary) to ‘100’ hex (normal).

If the profile itself is corrupt and the goal is to replace it altogether, just remove all of the keys with the username within, including the .BAK if it exists.

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Transfer Profiles from XP to Windows 7 - Windows Easy Transfer
article #147, updated 2125 days ago

This works quite well from XP to 7.  Does not transfer applications.

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User cannot do RWW in SBS 2008 -- how to fix a user's SBS status
article #342, updated 2365 days ago

Sometimes a user is accidentally created in SBS 2008 outside of the SBS wizard. This can lead to all sorts of problems, including inability to do RWW regardless of group membership. Here’s how to fix.

  1. In SBS console, in “Users and Groups”, “Users” tab, right-click on background, choose “Change User Role for User Accounts”.
  2. Choose “Standard User”. Choose “Replace user permissions or settings”. Click Next.
  3. The user may not be in the account list. Choose “Display all user accounts in the Active Directory”. The user will pop in. Choose him/her to change.
  4. Click “Change User Role”. Complete the wizard.

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Fix the "Temporary Profile" issue in Windows 7
article #302, updated 2460 days ago

Many fixes like the below can be found on the WWW:

but none of them worked for me. I eventually just deleted the appropriate profile folder in C:\Users as well as the appropriate .bak folder in the registry, under


and a new one was created.

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All Users folders in Windows 7
article #270, updated 2546 days ago

Here is the All Users desktop:

C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop\

and here is the All Users start menu:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\

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Permissions info on roaming profiles
article #220, updated 2671 days ago

Here is some excellent info:

Quoted, a simple CMD script to set permissions so that Administrator can see the contents:

set /p userDir=Enter the login of the user's directory you're modifying permissions for. (i.e. jDoe)
TAKEOWN /f "E:\Home Directories\%userDir%" /r /d y
ICACLS "E:\Home Directories\%userDir%" /reset /T
ICACLS "E:\Home Directories\%userDir%" /grant:r "MYDOMAIN\%userDir%":(OI)(CI)F
ICACLS "E:\Home Directories\%userDir%" /setowner "MYDOMAIN\%userDir%" /T

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