User spins forever trying to sign into Windows

article #1329, updated 1602 days ago

When you encounter a user account that spins forever trying to sign in on a computer that already has a local copy of their profile, here is a few steps to resolve the issues quickly without either data loss or the need to create a new Windows profile:

  1. Sign in on an account with Local Administrator rights
  2. Navigate to “C:\Users”
  3. Locate the profile folder of the user unable to sign in.
  4. Rename the folder (Usually I add “.old”)
  5. Sign out
  6. Sign in as the user who’s profile has not been working
  7. While signed in on this temporary profile, navigate back to “C:\Users”
  8. Rename their profile folder back to what it was originally
  9. Sign out
  10. You should now be able to sign in normally to that user with their profile intact.

Contributed by the excellent Joe Busby.