Category: Microsoft Domain Environments

Windows domain control not working (NtFrs)
article #320, updated 4753 days ago

If Windows domain control doesn’t work, if the SYSVOL won’t populate and the NtFrs service has been “scanning” the system volume for a while, try a non-authoritative system volume restore, which is type D2 here:

There is an authoritative system restore too, but that is listed as a last resort.



Restarting NTFRS does not bring back domain controller
article #298, updated 4811 days ago

If an NTFRS service restart does not bring back the domain controller capability, if the SYSVOL share never comes back, the Jet database may be corrupted. This database will be automatically recreated if you do this:

  1. NET STOP ntfrs
  2. Rename the folder “C:\windows\ntfrs\jet” to jet.OLD