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Topnotch photo management
article #1466, updated 823 days ago

I was shocked recently, when software for excellent photo management was needed. A whole lot of newer options involving web servers, cloud hosts, etc., but very little simple and powerful, and some standards of yore are gone. However. One is not:

XnView MP

XnView has been around for decades, XnView MP is their new thorough revision. I tested a pile of these things, and XnView MP is by far the best, features and speed and design friendly for both new user and the technical.

Here are the others I tested:

  • Irfanview (has features, much less friendly)
  • nomacs (lacking features)
  • digiKam (too slow, crashy)
  • jpegview (lacking features)
  • FastStone Image Viewer (lacking batch resize)
  • ImageGlass Spider (lacking features)
  • ACDSee Photo Studio (expensive, overkill, bloatware)
  • Various Adobe products (expensive and overkill, or free and lacking features)

If you have better, please do let me know!



Recover keys for Office 2010, Windows 7, and other products
article #237, updated 4883 days ago

These folks:

are offering an applet called “ProduKey”, which recovers keys for Office 2010, Windows 7, and lots of other things.



Download StorageCraft
article #183, updated 5037 days ago

To download StorageCraft:



StorageCraft ImageManager won’t connect
article #167, updated 5079 days ago

If the GUI won’t connect, find this file:

C:\Program Files\StorageCraft\ImageManager\ImageManager.exe.config

and then find an area which looks like this:

<setting name="password" serializeAs="String">

and remove everything between and .  Then restart the ImageManager service, and you will be able to connect with no password.



Cannot open the Outlook window in Office 2007
article #163, updated 5080 days ago

If the Outlook 2007 window cannot be opened, run the following command line:

outlook.exe /resetnavpane 

and try again.



Symantec Antivirus manual removal
article #57, updated 5765 days ago

Here is a document:

It is recommended that the following procedure be used:

a) Disable services
b) Remove everything possible using rmdir /s while terminating processes
c) Reboot
d) Disable one more service
e) Complete the task using the Revo Uninstaller tool (see previous post).