Topnotch photo management

article #1466, updated 823 days ago

I was shocked recently, when software for excellent photo management was needed. A whole lot of newer options involving web servers, cloud hosts, etc., but very little simple and powerful, and some standards of yore are gone. However. One is not:

XnView MP

XnView has been around for decades, XnView MP is their new thorough revision. I tested a pile of these things, and XnView MP is by far the best, features and speed and design friendly for both new user and the technical.

Here are the others I tested:

  • Irfanview (has features, much less friendly)
  • nomacs (lacking features)
  • digiKam (too slow, crashy)
  • jpegview (lacking features)
  • FastStone Image Viewer (lacking batch resize)
  • ImageGlass Spider (lacking features)
  • ACDSee Photo Studio (expensive, overkill, bloatware)
  • Various Adobe products (expensive and overkill, or free and lacking features)

If you have better, please do let me know!