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Internet Explorer within Chrome
article #624, updated 373 days ago

The original “IE Tab” appears to work well with Windows 10. It has seen quite a lot of development over the years, and now includes a binary helper MSI:

“IE Tab Multi” was recommendable for several years, but does not appear to work on 10:

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Script for Flash Player on Linux, Especially 32-bit
article #1002, updated 489 days ago

Adobe is supporting Flash less and less on Linux. Google Chrome was the way to do it for a while, but then Google abandoned 32-bit platforms, and there are a lot of 32-bit users who want full Flash web-site compatibility. There still is 32-bit Flash code out there, but making it work can still be very confusing on many Linux platforms. Happily, as is the wonderful modus operandi in the Linux world, an enquiring mind figured it out, and gave us a way. It’s here:

A quick way to apply it, is to run these commands in order:

cd ~
chmod +x

Flash does not show up as an Extension, but it appears to work very well, you can verify it on Adobe’s check page.

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Chrome and Java: a countdown to nonoperativity?
article #802, updated 1062 days ago

The latest stable version of Chrome does not support Java by default. Oracle has a tweak, but it did not work:

I have read in other resources of a combination of tweaks, the above plus one or two more, which may work. Regardless, this does not bode well for Java under Chrome in the short and mid-term. Oracle will either create a Chrome-standard add-on quickly, or Chrome will run Java only with overrides left in for “advanced” users, and will become entirely non-Java-compatible in September:

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Download Google Chrome MSI
article #787, updated 1103 days ago

Here is the page:

Please note, there appears to now be a special 64-bit download on this page.

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A new search engine
article #630, updated 1517 days ago

Try this:

Very interesting searcher, it does not try to read your mind or your history, just does good search. This is the way web-searching used to be. A precious resource today!

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Reviews of web sites and scam detection
article #610, updated 1573 days ago

Here is a great resource:

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MSN Web Messenger
article #127, updated 2962 days ago

MSNIM can be done from a web 2.0 client:

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