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Get Windows NIC speed via command line
article #874, updated 844 days ago

This works:

wmic NIC where NetEnabled=true get Name, Speed

It reports speed in bytes per second, so gigabit is reported as “1000000000” and 100-megabit is “100000000”.

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Tools to analyze hosted application performance issues
article #777, updated 1105 days ago

Here are a number of relevant tools:

Network packet studies, including TCP window scaling and much more

  • Microsoft Netmon
  • WireShark
  • TCPDump
  • Microsoft Message Analyzer

Round-trip performance and path tracing

  • PSPING on Windows, paping on Linux
  • TraceTCP on Windows, tcptraceroute on Linux
  • tracert on Windows, traceroute on Linux

Application-level data study

  • HTTPWatch
  • Fiddler
  • Outlook Connection Status

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Identify Microsoft data center in use, and GEO DNS
article #778, updated 1105 days ago

Do this:


The resultant real hostname, will identify the actual data center in use. You will notice how this changes according to the Internet DNS servers being treated as authoritative; Microsoft calls this GEO DNS, meaning geographically-appropriate DNS.

Choosing the DNS servers for your ISP — presuming that your ISP has good DNS — will result in much better performance in Microsoft and many other web-based applications. If the ISP does not have good DNS, sometimes DNS servers of the company upstream from your ISP, will serve well.

The opposite of GEO DNS, is the use of DNS servers from the like of Google (, OpenDNS (, and others. Use of best GEO DNS can mean the difference between unusability (>300 ms ping for Office365) and excellence (50 ms).

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HP hardware diagnostic software
article #730, updated 1260 days ago

Try this!

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How to Install RAID and Hardware Monitoring for HP ProLiant Servers
article #660, updated 1452 days ago

  1. On the server, browse to:
  2. Using your browser’s search, search for the word Proliant. That will give you the link to the page you need:
  3. Search for the server model you are working on, and open the relevant page.
  4. If the server is SBS, at least at this writing, you will not find the files you need under the SBS page. If your SBS version is 2011, you will find the files you need under Server 2008 R2. With this in mind, open the relevant page for your server.
  5. Under Driver – System Management, download and install the Management Controller Driver. Best to save it to hard drive and run the installer as administrator.
  6. Under Software – System Management, download and install the System Management Homepage. Must save it to hard drive and run the installer as administrator, because it has to start a service.
  7. Under Software – System Management, download the Insight Management Agents, and also the Insight Management WBEM Providers. You only need one of these, but it has been seen that sometimes only one of the two will successfully install. Must save to hard drive and run the installer as administrator, because one or more services will have to be started.
  8. Attempt install of one of the items downloaded in #7. There may be a small tendency for the WBEM item to work more often, but this is not clear. If the install halts but does not fail, restart the HP System Management Homepage service and (if present) the HP WMI Storage Providers service, and the install may complete cleanly.
  9. Open the HP System Management Homepage. Your hardware readouts should be complete.

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Test performance
article #457, updated 1665 days ago

Here is some interesting info about SQL:

and a tool:

and another tool, non-free but very good:

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Identify Drive Numbers in Windows
article #569, updated 1665 days ago

Ever need to know what \Device\Harddisk2\DR5 is in Windows? Here’s a great tool to help:

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Excellent Burn-In Test
article #289, updated 2479 days ago

PassMark Software:

makes a very good tool for burn-in testing of all standard components (motherboard, CPU, hard drive, DVD/CD-ROM, etc.) of a PC or laptop, called BurnInTest. Recommended.

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Check whether process is running in batch
article #166, updated 2799 days ago

This works in recent Windows versions, but not in XP Home:

tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq myapp.exe" 2 > NUL | find /I /N "myapp.exe" > NUL
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" echo Program is running

This was copied shamelessly from here:

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God Mode in Windows 7
article #123, updated 2954 days ago

To create an uber-super-duper control panel in Windows 7, which contains icons for a huge variety of configuration and tweaking, create a folder with this name:


and then look inside!

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