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Recommended DropBox replacement
article #967, updated 589 days ago

This one’s new and comes recommended, I have not tested it yet:

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IPs, URLs, and Ports for Microsoft Cloud Services and Office 365
article #800, updated 823 days ago

This includes Exchange Online, Lync, and others:

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Proxy exceptions for Office 365 and Related Services
article #779, updated 1105 days ago

These can be very helpful:


One reference among many:

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Tools to analyze hosted application performance issues
article #777, updated 1105 days ago

Here are a number of relevant tools:

Network packet studies, including TCP window scaling and much more

  • Microsoft Netmon
  • WireShark
  • TCPDump
  • Microsoft Message Analyzer

Round-trip performance and path tracing

  • PSPING on Windows, paping on Linux
  • TraceTCP on Windows, tcptraceroute on Linux
  • tracert on Windows, traceroute on Linux

Application-level data study

  • HTTPWatch
  • Fiddler
  • Outlook Connection Status

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Identify Microsoft data center in use, and GEO DNS
article #778, updated 1105 days ago

Do this:


The resultant real hostname, will identify the actual data center in use. You will notice how this changes according to the Internet DNS servers being treated as authoritative; Microsoft calls this GEO DNS, meaning geographically-appropriate DNS.

Choosing the DNS servers for your ISP — presuming that your ISP has good DNS — will result in much better performance in Microsoft and many other web-based applications. If the ISP does not have good DNS, sometimes DNS servers of the company upstream from your ISP, will serve well.

The opposite of GEO DNS, is the use of DNS servers from the like of Google (, OpenDNS (, and others. Use of best GEO DNS can mean the difference between unusability (>300 ms ping for Office365) and excellence (50 ms).

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