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Windows To Go - no more live media woes?
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I am amazed to be informed by the amazing Steven Wynne, two minutes ago, of Windows To Go, a supported inclusion in Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise and Education editions, which builds a complete running Windows system on a large (>32G) USB stick, driver-independence and all. The stick has to have more than 32G actual space, which 32G-nominal sticks usually don’t. But it’s real, and there are reportedly ways to do this with any edition of 10 and 8.1, though not supported by Microsoft. On a supported platform, all you have to do is use desktop search on “Windows To Go”, and it will bring up the creation wizard, which will immediately detect your media and determine compatibility.

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Windows 10-based Live DVD and USB
article #1078, updated 466 days ago

Here are two well-reputed. MediCat:

and Gandalf’s:

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Windows Boot CD Builder (PE Builder)
article #818, updated 1292 days ago

Things have gotten rather fragmented and unclear since the BartPE days. Here’s one:

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WinToUSB -- Windows on a USB drive, like a LiveCD
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Something new:

Reported to work best with Windows 8.

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Boot Linux from USB
article #321, updated 2704 days ago

This tool:

runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and it will prepare a USB stick to boot and run several different distributions of Linux.

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Widnows 7 liveCD project
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Looks like a good one here:

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