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Live audio feed of ocean waves and other worthwhile sounds
article #1138, updated 37 days ago

Right here:

Lots of other interesting stations too.

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Great MIDI Synthesizer for Windows
article #1129, updated 93 days ago

I have trusted this one to work for my sweet wife Lori!

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Use Android Smartphone as High Quality Webcam
article #1049, updated 258 days ago

It’s called DroidCam, and it really works, Windows and Linux.

Under Linux you’ll need kernel module compilation capability, headers only for source. If you use the Adobe Flash Player for camera, or any other V4L version 1 application, you’ll want to start it like the below for the Pale Moon web browser:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ palemoon

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Record all audio in Windows regardless of "Stereo Mix"
article #1032, updated 346 days ago

In Windows, some audio drivers provide something called “Stereo Mix” and some don’t; this is what is usually recommended if you want to record everything audio happening at once in Windows. But increasingly this doesn’t exist. There are software replacements which do the job:

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Free software for editing of digial audio
article #888, updated 816 days ago

First, we have the excellent This is a longstanding project, and has by far the most functionality of any cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, others) project of which I’m aware. It can handle as many tracks as CPU and RAM will permit, and has an excellent array of effects, including the ability to remove tones from a complex whole using its Noise Reduction facility.

Additionally, we have a newcomer, This is a wonderful piece of work, and is much easier when trying to do a simple edit on a single audio file. Its UI is a work of art, both visually and in function.

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Transcode video for free, including DVDs
article #646, updated 1473 days ago

Try this:

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Route Audio Over Network From Windows/Mac To Anything
article #441, updated 2076 days ago


is amazing. The above are the free ‘receivers’ apps and listings; the same company makes a ‘sender’ app for Windows and Mac which works direct from the OS sound system, extremely low latency.

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Convert (or Extract) to MP3 using FFMPEG
article #316, updated 2406 days ago

To convert many formats to MP3, and to extract audio from many video formats to MP3 files, one may use FFMPEG:

ffmpeg -i outputfile.mp3

A bash script to create an mp3 from every file in a folder, is thus:

for sourcefile in *; do 
	ffmpeg -i "${sourcefile}" -ab 192k "${sourcefile}".mp3

Notice the “-ab 192k”. By default, ffmpeg seems to transcode to MP3 at 64k, regardless of input; this is not very high quality, whereas 192k does well for general use.

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Batch convert audio in Linux
article #307, updated 2451 days ago

You’ll need the standard utility “sox”, which does conversions. Then, use this line:

for flac in *.flac; do sox -S "${flac}" -r 44100 -b 16 new/"${flac}"; done

in a shell file, having created the directory “new” underneath the existing files. The above will convert all .flac files to 16-bit 44.1 kHz.

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Command-line DVD pre-preparation
article #285, updated 2470 days ago

The following converts a huge variety of video formats (replace .ABC with whatever you have, AVI, FLV, etc.) to DVD-compatible MPEG:

ffmpeg -i videofile.ABC -target dvd -aspect 16:9 -sameq videofile.mpg

FFMPEG is standard in probably all non-minimalist Linux distros, and can also be had for Windows now.

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