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SPF and Email Flow Analysis Tools
article #998, updated 152 days ago

A very good SPF checker:

Here is possibly the original SPF checker:

To do a deep study of a bounceback, the best tool this writer has ever seen is here:

in the Message Analyzer tab. Just paste every header you have into there and submit, and then read. Lots and lots of excellent information comes up.

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article #1030, updated 168 days ago

DKIM is something which can be set up for a given Internet domain name and on related mail servers, which confirms validity of email, for recipient servers. It is a companion to SPF which uses SSL certificates, and it is increasingly recommended. Here are some working references.

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Exchange address book, calendar, and email for Thunderbird - Bridge Exchange to IMAP
article #398, updated 579 days ago

Try DavMail:

It runs in the background on server, desktop, or laptop (Windows, Linux, or Mac), and it translates native Exchange protocols into that which Thunderbird and appropriate add-ins handle very well. In other words, it acts as a live bridge between Exchange protocols and Thunderbird with Lightning, for contacts and calendar. The instructions are thorough and functional.

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SPF for Constant Contact
article #873, updated 662 days ago

Recently it has come to light that the following need to be added to SPF records for email-enabled domains using Constant Contact:

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Sending mass email marketing via SMTP
article #843, updated 743 days ago

A few methods:

The first two have free-of-charge tiers.

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Populate the Autocomplete in Outlook 2013
article #809, updated 847 days ago

  1. Create a new email.
  2. Click the To: button.
  3. Choose all of the contacts that you want to use to populate with.
  4. Click OK. Do NOT send!

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Migrate IMAP accounts
article #771, updated 951 days ago

A recommended tool:

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Really good Android email client
article #752, updated 1000 days ago

Try this:

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A for-pay Exchange connection plugin for Thunderbird
article #723, updated 1090 days ago

Something new, $10/year. Working great for me as of this writing.

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Configuring Exchange Autodiscover
article #254, updated 1554 days ago

A Microsoft reference is here:

with further notes here:

This has to be set at the Internet level only. We’ll use “” as the domain name, just replace it with yours.

  1. If there are any A or CNAME records pointing to “”, delete them. If the cert for your server uses “”, change it to something else, e.g., “”.
  2. If there are any A or CNAME records pointing to “*”, an asterisk for global, you’ll have to remove them too. You will need to replace with multiple specific records, or a subdomain, if you’re using a global configuration.
  3. In your Internet DNS, create a new SRV record:

At Network Solutions, the “Service” pulldown needs to have “_autodiscover”, the “Protocol” pulldown needs to have “_tcp”, “Priority” and “Weight” need to be zero, the “Port” needs to be 443, and the “Target” needs to be the A record name used in the MX record, e.g., “”.

At GoDaddy, “Service” needs to contain “_autodiscover”, “Protocol” needs to contain “_tcp”, “Name” needs to contain “@”, “Priority” needs to be 0 (zero), “Weight” needs to be 0 (zero), “Port” needs to be 443, and “Target” needs to be the A record name used in the MX record, e.g., “”.

You can test the setup with nslookup:

nslookup -querytype=SRV

The result should be approximately thus:

Server:  dns.domain.local

Non-authoritative answer:        SRV service location:
          priority       = 0
          weight         = 0
          port           = 443
          svr hostname   =

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