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Invisible rules in Outlook/Exchange
article #1027, updated 92 days ago

If you find that inbound emails are not going where they should go, but cannot find any Rules in Outlook or Exchange to match, they may be slightly corrupt and thus invisible. If you run Outlook with /cleanrules and /cleanconvongoingactions , this will eliminate all rules and also a queue which can be involved. A full list of command-line switches for Outlook, is here:

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Handling Sync Issues in Outlook from Exchange
article #987, updated 246 days ago

“Sync Issue” messages, especially “Conflicts”, can pile up in Exchange mailboxes when Outlook is used. There is a server-side method of handling this:

  1. In the Exchange console, under Organization Configuration, under Mailbox,
  2. Create a Retention Policy Tag, tag type Sync Issues, age limit 3 days. Set Action to Take as Permanently Delete.
  3. Create a Retention Policy using the above Tag. Add any or all involved mailboxes, to it.

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Identifying Exchange versions
article #957, updated 355 days ago

One uses help/about to get a Build Number, and then one looks up the build number on this page:

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Running out of space for Rules in Outlook/Exchange
article #861, updated 592 days ago

If a user sees an error message pertaining, run this in the Exchange command prompt:

set-mailbox username -RulesQuota:256KB

The default is reportedly 64K.

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Maximum mailbox sizes in Outlook due to ANSI (non-Unicode) mode
article #744, updated 941 days ago

By default, in Exchange and Outlook versions after 2003, everything is always done in Unicode mode, with unlimited maximum mailbox/PST/OST size, not counting higher-level server quotas and the like. However, after migrations, older settings may remain, and mailbox size maximums will often eventually crop up because users which existed before migrations may still be in non-Unicode mode, which incurs a hard max on their mailbox size.

The best solution this writer has found, is in Group Policy:

One does have to install the Outlook ADM template into Group Policy.

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Eliminating WINMAIL.DAT when sending email
article #686, updated 1124 days ago

Go to the Exchange console, under Organization Configuration, Hub Transport, properties of the item(s) in the Remote Domains list, Message Format tab. Choose “Never Use” under “Exchange rich-text format”.

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Multiple PCs, One POP account, in Outlook
article #525, updated 1520 days ago

Here’s where and how to set this:

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Replace Mail Icon in Control Panel
article #504, updated 1579 days ago

1. Find the proper MLCFG32.CPL . This is the control panel icon for Outlook mail configuration. It will be somewhere under Program Files.

2. Determine its path in short (8×3) form. This can be done using DIR /X. It usually starts with C:\PROGRA~1. It varies according to OS and version of Outlook. If you have more than one version of Outlook present, remove one, run the repair on the other, and then do this. An example of a valid path for one XP box:

3. In RegEdit, go here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\MMCPL

4. Create or open a registry string key called mlcfg32.cpl. Put the 8×3 path for this file as the value for the string key.

5. Open the control panel, and it’s there. It may not be in alphabetical order until you sort it manually.

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NK2 (autocomplete) file locations in Outlook
article #502, updated 1583 days ago

In Windows 7:

In Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

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See email headers in Outlook 2010
article #488, updated 1641 days ago

Here’s a good way to set up a quick show-it button in the title bar:

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