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Windows Defender mods
article #1091, updated 1 day ago

Here’s a regedit to disable:

Reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender" /v DisableAntiSpyware /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

and here’s an msiexec remover, quiet; not sure if this still works:

msiexec /uninstall windowsdefender.msi /quiet /log uninstall.log

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Symbolic Links (symlinks) in Windows
article #371, updated 8 days ago

In Vista or Windows 7, there is a built-in command, “MKLINK”. Here’s a good reference, suggested by Matt Quick:

For a long while they were called “junctions”. In Server 2000, Server 2003, or XP, you’ll need this:

The syntax is a bit different for each. And Windows does not support these “junctions” to directories on remote shares. But this can help a lot, for instance, when moving something like a profile folder from local drive to local drive. They are set up at the NTFS filesystem level, just like Unix/Linux.

A great example of usage, is moving a profile folder. It works like this:

  1. Create a new user, local if it’s not a DC.
  2. Reboot the server/PC, to unlock profile files and folders.
  3. Log in as the new user.
  4. Create a new folder for the profile to be moved.
  5. Robocopy the old profile folder’s contents to the new. Make sure you get everything hidden!
  6. Rename the old folder as backup, and create a junction from the new folder to the old folder’s container.
  7. Log in as the new user and test.

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Use any Windows key with your Windows 7 ISO
article #768, updated 8 days ago

From the amazing Matt Quick. The “eicfg removal utility” here:

will take a Windows 7 ISO of any version, and convert it into one which will install whichever version is appropriate for your OS key. Detailed instructions are here:

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Installing the GUI onto Windows Server 2012 Core
article #853, updated 8 days ago

The indefatigable Matt Quick provides thus:

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Bluescreen at boot with win32k.sys error
article #1022, updated 8 days ago

If Windows 7 won’t boot all the way, if it gives a bluescreen involving win32k.sys, it may be a bad update. Boot into startup repair and rename FNTCACHE.DAT in system32 to .OLD. That forces Windows to make a new one and boot will occur next time.

Courtesy of the excellent Matt Quick.

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Optimize Service Work Items and Additional/Delayed Worker Threads
article #1084, updated 9 days ago

Downloadable here within OWTAS.ZIP, is a VBS script which sets a number of additional critical and delayed worker threads, plus service work items. The number is autocalculated according to a combination of RAM and OS bit-width (32 vs. 64).

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"Failed to schedule Software Protection service for re-start" Error Code: 0x80070005
article #1083, updated 9 days ago

One way this can be fixed at least sometimes, is to give “NETWORK SERVICE” full rights to:


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Windows Registry Cleaning & Optimization
article #1081, updated 11 days ago

This tool:

is an aggregator which appears to be very helpful so far.

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NSSM - Create Services from Executables in Windows
article #1065, updated 68 days ago

Best I’ve found so far:

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Install All Microsoft Redistributable VC++ Runtimes
article #643, updated 68 days ago

Below-linked is a tool which will automatically install all of the redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ runtime DLLs, all versions, 2005 to present:

This is a great way to handle many missing DLLs. Below is another tool, a PowerShell script, newer-fangled engineering with additional capabilities, definitely better for enterprise use, and quite a lot faster:

Once you have all of the files for the latter, the best command to do the fully automatic install is probably this:

.\Install-VisualCRedistributables.ps1 -xml VisualCRedistributablesSupported.xml -install

It may be helpful to do this first:

Unblock-File .\Install-VisualCRedistributables.ps1

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