MMAgent adjustments can give major speed increases

article #1270, updated 331 days ago

In an administrative Powershell, all of the following. Some OSes will not have all of them, just ignore any errors. Yesterday (10/23), on an older machine running Windows 10 with 8G RAM and a 1/2T platter drive, SATA bandwidth was showing a tad less than 1 megabit in Resource Monitor; afterwards, 10 megabit. Most gains have not been so high.

Enable-MMAgent -ApplicationLaunchPrefetching
Enable-MMAgent -ApplicationPreLaunch
Set-MMAgent -MaxOperationAPIFiles 8192
Enable-MMAgent -MemoryCompression
Enable-MMAgent -OperationAPI
Enable-MMAgent -PageCombining
Set-Service sysmain -StartupType Automatic
Start-Service sysmain

The last two enable and start the service, if necessary. The service is called Superfetch in services.msc, but very clearly, it does a whole lot more than drive fetching. It is not clear how the observed drive bandwidth increase is achieved. One theory has it that, with appropriate configuration, the service reorders OS disk reads and writes for maximum sequentiality, minimum seeks.