Defragment the NTFS MFT and other hidden crucials in live Windows

article #1265, updated 922 days ago

The command is CONTIG (also available in 64-bit as CONTIG64), and it is a Sysinternals:

You’ll want to put the appropriate binary in C:\Windows. Run it like this, in administrative CMD, it will get all of the hiddens it can for C drive (this is 64-bit):

contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$Mft
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$LogFile
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$Volume
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$AttrDef
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$Bitmap
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$Boot
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$BadClus
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$Secure
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$UpCase
contig64 -nobanner -accepteula C:$Extend

Notice the distinct lack of slashes in the above!