DNS Root Servers

article #1017, updated 1334 days ago

As of this writing, the current authoritative list, from here:



a.root-servers.net 2001:503:ba3e::2:30 VeriSign, Inc.
b.root-servers.net 2001:500:84::b University of Southern California (ISI)
c.root-servers.net 2001:500:2::c Cogent Communications
d.root-servers.net 2001:500:2d::d University of Maryland
e.root-servers.net 2001:500:a8::e NASA (Ames Research Center)
f.root-servers.net 2001:500:2f::f Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
g.root-servers.net 2001:500:12::d0d US Department of Defense (NIC)
h.root-servers.net 2001:500:1::53 US Army (Research Lab)
i.root-servers.net 2001:7fe::53 Netnod
j.root-servers.net 2001:503:c27::2:30 VeriSign, Inc.
k.root-servers.net 2001:7fd::1 RIPE NCC
l.root-servers.net 2001:500:9f::42 ICANN
m.root-servers.net 2001:dc3::35 WIDE Project