Minimize Incremental Size in StorageCraft

article #210, updated 26 days ago

StorageCraft is an excellent method for backup.  It is block-level, however, which means it tracks changes on the hard drive itself, not just individual files.  To minimize incremental size, here are suggestions:
  1. Set up additional storage, as T: drive.  Do not back up this drive.
  2. Move the print queue folder to T:\PRINTER-QUEUES.
  3. Move SQL server logs to T:\SQL-LOGS\[SQLinstance].  Move other database logs to similar locations.
  4. Move Exchange logs to T:\EXCHANGE-LOGS.
  5. Move Blackberry logs to T:\BLACKBERRY-LOGS.
  6. Set system-wide TEMP to T:\TEMP.
  7. Set administrator user TEMP to T:\ADMIN_TEMP.
  8. Set the location for the Windows indexing service, to T:\WINDOWS_INDEX.