Secondary email addresses with LAN-synched EOL

article #941, updated 1687 days ago

If one has one’s LAN Active Directory synchronized with EOL/Azure, one cannot add secondary email addresses in the EOL console. In this situation:

  1. Open ADSIedit from the domain controller
  2. Open up the OU containing the user
  3. Open the Properties of the user
  4. Open the Properties for the item “proxyAddresses”.
  5. The primary (the “reply”) email address for the user needs to be specified thus, with caps in the prefix:
  6. Secondary email addresses for the user need to be specified thus, with lowercase prefix:
  7. Then run the sync or wait for the automatic run, and it’s done!

Also, as a bonus, after the above is done once, user objects in Active Directory Users and Computers get a new tab, “Attributes”, from which the above can be done for other users.