Set DNS in use via Powershell

article #1490, updated 39 days ago

  1. Open up an administrative Powershell. Run IPCONFIG /ALL. That will get you a list of active NICs. DNS in use, is set for each NIC if you have more than one.
  2. The name of each NIC has a prefix that has to be omitted. There are a number of prefixes which are common. For a simple wired NIC, it’s usually “Ethernet Adapter”; on many HPE servers, IPCONFIG /ALL will therefore show the second NIC as Ethernet adapter Embedded LOM 1 Port 2.
  3. So let’s say you have a LAN with three active DNS servers (,, and, and you want your HPE server of the above description, with the first two NICs active, to use all of them. Here’s the Powershell commands:
Set-DnsClientServerAddress "Embedded LOM 1 Port 1" -ServerAddresses ("","","")
Set-DnsClientServerAddress "Embedded LOM 1 Port 2" -ServerAddresses ("","","")
  1. For a second example, let’s say we’re on a common workstation, and we want to change DNS from a static setting, to whatever DHCP will pass out:
Set-DnsClientServerAddress "Ethernet" -ResetServerAddresses