Windows 7 libraries, network drive letter mapping, and My Documents redirection

article #112, updated 4186 days ago

A few notes:

  1. In the original shipping version of Windows 7, NET USE commands in login scripts and command shells did not work.  After about two months, however, if all updates were installed, they began working.  This method still works well, and is not disrecommended.
  2. Windows 7 libraries are the way to do the equivalent of “My Documents” redirection.  They can be set manually.  Just right-click on a library and go to Properties, and you can direct it wherever you want.
  3. But if the server does not have Windows Search 4 or higher, you will not be able to do your redirections as in #4.  For this, you have two options. First, you can set Offline Files for the folder in question. Or second, you can use a wonderful third-party utility at the following location: