16 Terabytes in a USB Stick?

article #1463, updated 398 days ago

Short version. Bought one from Amazon, it was proven junk. There is a common scam where firmware is changed so that a small device reports itself as a large device to the OS. Works until you push it. Bought another from AliExpress. This one works very well, after replacing the cable, which was necessary. Here’s where I bought mine from.


Currently only up to 4T are available from the above source. However, a search shows many more sources, now rising to 60T. By U.S. general retail standards these are unbelievable, but it would appear that this is a very interesting case.

The recent Christmas was the second year in a row that I saw advertised 10+ terabytes in a large USB-stick-shaped device, about one inch by two-and-a-half. Last year I just thought it was too good to be true, but they did it again. I waited weeks, the ads disappeared as usual, but searches pulled a few, one on Amazon, a few on AliExpress, several on eBay. I haven’t received junk (yet) from AliExpress, so I ordered one, a 16-terabyte for $58 including tax and shipping. It said there was going to be a month lead time, early February was projected, a bit unusual but not very, given everything in the world right now. Looks like a nice, big USB stick, with a USB 3.1 port, and a short cable with that end and a USB A end on the other. Will be pounding on it a good bit.

And no I’m not selling them!!!