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Override domain transfer lock on GoDaddy / Wild West Domains
article #647, updated 1351 days ago

After changes are made to domain contacts at GoDaddy, Wild West Domains, and subsidiaries, it will say something like:

Transfer locked until 4/8/2014: Contact information change

This is a 60-day automatic lock, and it can be overridden by an email from the registrant contact to

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Check Your Blacklists
article #644, updated 1353 days ago

Here’s a great place to do so:

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New FTP client, also does cloud storage systems
article #549, updated 1593 days ago

Looks most interesting:

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Hidden IPv6 on XP and Server 2003
article #431, updated 1992 days ago

Sometimes IPv6 is installed on XP in a hidden form — sometimes IPv6 may be installed, but not visible in any Windows GUI. To find out, go to command prompt and enter:

netsh show helper

If IPv6 is installed, in that list will be “ipv6”. To uninstall on XP, run this:

ipv6 uninstall

The ipv6 command does not exist on Server 2003. The following does:

netsh delete ipv6mon.dll

Hidden IPv6 has been shown to cause problems in some Oracle environments.

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Web/GUI front ends for BIND
article #287, updated 2362 days ago

Here is an interesting list:

But the best may be here:

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A Unique Private IPv6 Subnet for Your LAN
article #263, updated 2427 days ago

IPv4 has the 192.168.*.*, 172.16-31.*, and 10.*.*.* ranges; IPv6 has one range that is enormously bigger than all of those three put together, which can contain 1,329,227,995,784,915,872,903,807,060,280,344,573 devices. The standard is to use a subnet randomly chosen, to minimize conflict when creating VPNs et cetera. The best tool I know for IPv6 subnet generation, is here:

You will need to tell Windows the size of your subnet. The default size is 64 on Windows, but this is quite enormous; a size of 16 is more than sufficient for a current LAN. Here is Windows configured for a IPv6 static with a 16-bit subnet, without v6 DNS as of yet:


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Example FTP batch (.CMD) script
article #153, updated 2731 days ago

A very good example is on this page:

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Private IPv6 Address Range Generator
article #125, updated 2818 days ago

Here is an automatic generator of IPv6 private address ranges:

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Enable Remote Desktop (RDP) Remotely
article #118, updated 2865 days ago

As long as you have an administrative password for the domain, this works:

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nVidia causing RDP to lock up
article #114, updated 2877 days ago

The noteworthy Liz Landry contributes:

Just wanted to let you know that I found out this morning that the newer Nvidia drivers are having problems with Remote Desktop and causing the computer to lock up and have to be hard booted.  The fix is as follows:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Add a DWORD and call it:


Set it to hex size 20.

Then reboot and use RDP.  There should no longer be problems with the computer locking up.

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