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Download VIPRE Enterprise
article #173, updated 2961 days ago

To download a 30-day trial which can be activated with a key, go here:



If VIPRE standalone won't upgrade
article #231, updated 3177 days ago

Sometimes VIPRE’s standalone upgrade will fail, giving a message saying something about a script.  In this case, you will need to remove the update installer and try again.  The location of the update installer under Windows 7 is:

c:\ProgramData\Application Data\Sunbelt\AntiMalware\Downloads

Under XP, it’s:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sunbelt\AntiMalware\Downloads



A CMD Script Reads from a File
article #200, updated 3258 days ago

Let’s say we want to run a series of commands on a set of machines. A good example is a VIPRE Enterprise client refresh, where we want to remove the agents and reinstall them, perhaps after a server crash. We can do it using this .CMD script:

set list=pclist.txt
for /F %%x in (%list%) do (

echo Removing old...
psexec \\%%x msiexec /x {9D544611-F437-4153-913E-91CE036583CC} /qn
psexec \\%%x msiexec /x {DB7CF8FB-8638-484E-A6C1-37F5AC21DCB2} /qn

Echo Installing new...
copy SBVEA_EN-Workstation.msi \\%%x\C$
psexec \\%%x msiexec /i C:\SBVEA_EN-Workstation.msi /qn

Just put the list of machines in “pclist.txt”, one per line, and put pclist.txt in the same folder as the script.  The two IDs were found using regedit (search for “sunbelt” or maybe “vipre”); they will change as versions change.  Any application installed via MSI can be removed like this, unless the vendor has really munged the MSI.

There is one exception to the above, gratefully found reported here:

It occurs when there is a separate variable to be set inside the FOR loop.  In these cases, one must add the following line as the first line in the script:

<a href="">setlocal</a> EnableDelayedExpansion



VIPRE Enterprise service names
article #195, updated 3284 days ago

Sometimes the services have to be restarted, especially immediately after Windows firewall exceptions have been put in.

The name of the agent service:  SBAMSVC

The name of the server service:  VIPRE Enterprise Service



To set up SQL mode for VIPRE Enterprise
article #124, updated 3498 days ago

On SBS, and with more than 20 stations, it is much better overall to run VIPRE in SQL mode.

  1. Install Microsoft SQL Server Express, 2005 or 2008, if not already installed.
  2. Install Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express, of the same version, if it was not installed with SQL server.
  3. In SQL Studio, create a database within an SQL instance  — either an existing instance or a new one — called VIPRE.
  4. Create an administrative user for connection to the SQL server.
  5. In the VIPRE console configuration, under Report Database Settings, put in hostname\instancename for “Server”, and the database name for “Database”.
  6. Put in the user created in #4 for SQL-level authentication.
  7. Click Test.  If all is well, it will ask if you want to create the tables.  Click OK.  Then you’re done!