To set up SQL mode for VIPRE Enterprise

article #124, updated 3785 days ago

On SBS, and with more than 20 stations, it is much better overall to run VIPRE in SQL mode.

  1. Install Microsoft SQL Server Express, 2005 or 2008, if not already installed.
  2. Install Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express, of the same version, if it was not installed with SQL server.
  3. In SQL Studio, create a database within an SQL instance  — either an existing instance or a new one — called VIPRE.
  4. Create an administrative user for connection to the SQL server.
  5. In the VIPRE console configuration, under Report Database Settings, put in hostname\instancename for “Server”, and the database name for “Database”.
  6. Put in the user created in #4 for SQL-level authentication.
  7. Click Test.  If all is well, it will ask if you want to create the tables.  Click OK.  Then you’re done!