"VIPRE Anywhere", VIPRE Business over the Internet

article #259, updated 4567 days ago

To configure VIPRE Business 5 to handle a laptop outside of the LAN, including installation of agents and automatic agent version updates, do this:

  1. Set up a router configuration where an external DNS name is pointed to the VIPRE server, for ports 18080-18088 as well as port 591 (and see related info below). Test it via a telnet on port 18082; if you press Enter, the server should respond.
  2. Set up a policy where that DNS name is specified as Policy and Update Server under Agent/Communication.
  3. Under the top-level server properties, under Agent Installation, make sure the port listed is set to 591. The default is 80, which is in use on many servers, certainly SBS.
  4. Create an MSI for the policy and copy it to the laptop.
  5. On the laptop, set up the necessary firewall exceptions to be found here.
  6. Install the MSI onto the laptop.