Forward an Outlook contact group outside the company

article #1120, updated 1059 days ago

If one has a Contact Group within Outlook which contains any in-company contacts, and you try to forward it outside the company, you will find that the receiver doesn’t get much. There is a way to do this:


  1. First open the contact group into its own window.
  2. Open Forward Group, and choose In Internet Format (vCard).
  3. Send the result to your recipient. This does not generate or send a standard vCard, but it does do something we need.


  1. Receive the email. It will have a .txt file attached which looks something like the below.
Contact Group Name:	Test Contact group


Firstname1 Lastname1
Firstname2 Lastname2
Firstname3 Lastname3
  1. Copy to clipboard, the lines of the txt file which contain names and email addresses.
  2. Create a blank Contact Group of appropriate name.
  3. Click Add Members, From Outlook Contacts. A box named Select Members: Contacts will come up.
  4. Paste the copied lines, directly into the white box to the right of the word “Members” in the Select Members: Contacts box.
  5. Click OK, and the new Contact Group will be created appropriately.